The Dynamic Cognition Lab is currently requesting applications for the following positions:

Postdoctoral Researcher:


The Dynamic Cognition Lab (PI: Jeff Zacks) and Complex Memory Lab (PI: Zach Reagh) at Washington University in St. Louis are looking to hire a jointly-mentored postdoctoral researcher. Given the shared interests of the two labs and experiencing co-mentoring trainees, this is a unique opportunity to work on multiple lines of collaborative, complementary research. The individual will play a key role in federally-funded projects investigating event cognition and memory, and developing new lines of research investigating the role of narrative structure in shaping event memory and event representations. Studies focus on basic mechanisms in younger adults, and changes with aging and Alzheimer disease. Experiments will use behavioral measures, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), electroencephalography (EEG), and eye tracking. Behavioral studies may be conducted in-person and online.

Required qualifications include: A Ph.D. in psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, or a related field; experience with collection and analysis of behavioral and neuroimaging data; experience with programming (with preference to Python and R); demonstrated ability to complete independent projects; excellent written and oral communication skills.

Desired qualifications include: Experience with multivariate analyses of neuroimaging data (e.g., pattern similarity analyses and classification); basic familiarity with computational modeling; existing or in-progress publications on relevant topics; experience working with older participants; enthusiasm for working with multiple research teams.

Start date is flexible, and salary is based on the current NIH payscale, supported by both labs.

To apply, please email Jeff Zacks ( and Zach Reagh ( the following materials: statement of research interests and CV; also have two letters of recommendation sent by faculty familiar with your work. Interested applicants are encouraged to check out the DCL ( and CML ( websites, and to reach out to current members of both labs with any questions about the work environments and mentorship experiences.

Research Technician:

The Dynamic Cognition lab is seeking a motivated associate to assist with behavioral and functional MRI experiments, beginning in Spring or Summer 2023. An ideal candidate would be a recently-graduated undergraduate who has a strong curiosity about cognitive and computational neuroscience, and has relevant coursework and laboratory experience in this area. Duties will include interacting with human participants, data collection and analysis, and managerial functions such as scheduling facilities and coordinating with other research team members.

Required qualification:

  • Undergraduate degree in psychology, neuroscience, or a related field.

Desirable qualifications:

  • Programming skills
  • Research experience with human subjects
  • Experience with functional MRI
  • Experience with film production

This full-time, federally funded position provides a great opportunity to gain experience before going on to an advanced degree. St. Louis is a vibrant, affordable city, and Washington University has a rich community of cognitive scientists and neuroscientists. Two-year commitment required. Health benefits provided.

To apply, see the PDF application here.

Undergraduate Research Assistants:

If you are a WashU undergraduate student and interested in becoming a research assistant, please complete the application form here.