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Sarah Morse, M.S.

Lab Manager

M.S. Biology, University of Alabama at Birmingham (2012)

B.S. Molecular Biology, University of Alabama at Birmingham (2011)

Sarah is the lab manager for the Dynamic Cognition Lab. She is broadly interested in how memory declines with age. Sarah also manages the Complex Memory Lab. When not in one of her two labs, she can be found baking, cycling, hiking, catering to the whims of her two dogs, or trying her best not to kill her plants.

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Lucy Tindel, B.A.

Research Assistant

B.A. Psychology, University of Chicago (2023)

Lucy is a research technician in the lab, where she investigates event segmentation and memory, with a focus on the integration of behavioral and neural data using fMRI techniques. Her research interests lie in how the interplay between memory and event representations shape our unique conscious experiences. When she is not doing research, Lucy can be found taking long walks or tending to her pet fish.